Amazon hat auch ein Betriebssystem, es heisst Alexa


In short, Amazon is building the operating system of the home — its name is Alexa — and it has all of the qualities of an operating system you might expect:All kinds of hardware manufacturers are lining up to build Alexa-enabled devices, and will inevitably compete with each other to improve quality and lower prices.Even more devices and appliances are plugging into Alexa’s easy-to-use and flexible framework, creating the conditions for a moat: appliances are a lot more expensive than software, and much longer lasting, which means everyone who buys something that works with Alexa is much less likely to switch

Quelle: Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Amazon scheint einen neuen Seiteneingang gefunden zu haben, um Google, Apple und Microsoft und evtl. auch Facebook grundsätzlich auszubooten.


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